Online Counselling

I use online counselling as it works in a browser and does not require clients to download anything.

In order to participate in online counselling you will need a webcam and a microphone! Tablets and smartphones have these built in, as do most laptop and notebook computers. Otherwise, you will require a webcam with a built-in Mic or a headset and Mic plugged into your PC.

I am aware that some Antivirus software prevents webcams being used in a browser by default, so if this affects you then you may need to disable this feature during the call.

To practice getting set up for an online appointment and check everything is working properly, follow the link to 'Enter waiting room' and then use the test call button.

Please be aware, I will only invite you into a session at the time and date we have agreed when you made a booking. So although you can enter the virtual waiting room to get ready, I shall not be monitoring it.

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